Foam can holders
Long lasting sturdy foam
Neoprene Zipper Bottle Insulators
Low Minimum
Neoprene Collapsible
can holder
Slips on quickly!
Collapsible can holders
Folds up, very portable
Bottle Zipper bottle holders
Great style!
Solo Cup/Glass Wrap
12 - 22 oz tapered
Made of Neoprene
Long lasting!
Neoprene Full Color
Slips on quickly!
Collapsible Full Color Coolers
Full color, both sides
Stadium Cups
16 oz, smooth sided
Print both sides!
Great fun For Parties!
Kustom KOOZIEs
T-shirts, long sleeve, sweatshirts.
Get T-shirts, long sleeve, sweatshirts now
Wine Wrap
Great style!
bottle holder
Slips on quickly!
Basic Collapsible KOOZIE ® Water Bottle Kooler
Great for mailings and give aways.
Sample Three Styles
Order a Sample Pack
Fabric Full Color Zipper Bottle Insulators
We are glad you are here.Would you like to design your cooler online. Go right ahead. Check order here.
Free Proof on all products

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Kustom Koozies

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The Ordering Process

Thi is important. We actually print and process in-house. We do not out source to some far away location. This is how we keep our prices low and our quality so high. Here are some Our Testimonials for you.
What is the actual process for ordering? Click here for to understand the ordering process. Ordering Process. or we now have a video that you can watch to see the ordering process.

Products We Offer

We offer both traditional foam and collapsible products. There are also neoprene insulators, wine wraps, stadium cups t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, etc. Each are printed with a slightly different methodology. Our products are printed and shipped right here in the United States. Our products are quality. We would not be in business for 13 years if we printed and shipped the cheapest coolers. We stand by our products. Feel free to email artwork for us to look at to determine if it will print well on the product you want to order. Feel free to email us with other questions.
When you get comfortable with us, Order Today Order online right here. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Paypal or you can mail a personal or business check or fax or mail in your order. If for some reason you elect not to use our services please let us know anonymously why. I did not place an order with Kustom Koozies because . . . .
Pick one of our wedding, birthday, etc. designs, or Special Event art and just change the names and dates, there is no charge. A KOOZIE ® Kooler makes a great wedding favor. Wedding KOOZIEs are great fun. If you want us to create your artwork there is a minimal charge. If you want us to completely design your KOOZIE ® Can Kooler, we can do that very reasonably.
New Services for you
· You can order in small quantities. There is No Minimum order - you can order 1, 3, 13, 100, 500 or 1000.
· We offer better than 3-week turnaround.
· We now sell blanks.
· We have metallic inks for all our insulators.
· We do double side printing on all our can coolers.
· We email you a proof to approve before we print.
· We ship to Canada. See additional pricing We also ship to a number of foreign countries.
· We have a great art department to serve you.
· We can ship in a 7 day time frame with rush charges.
· We have camouflage.
· We have 3 levels of artwork. (See Submitting art to Kustom Koozies for information on that.)
· We offer To have and to hold KOOZIE ® Koolers.
· We offer Top 10 KOOZIE ® Koolers Sayings.
Customer Feedback
We certainly appreciate everyone who has used our services. Check out our Favorite Can coolers stories page to see what our customers have said about us. We posted these, because people are (and should be) nervous about secure online ordering. Feel free to contact us via livechat button above before ordering.  Wedding KOOZIE can holders are very popular with our company, and promotional products and logo products run a close second.
We work very hard to make sure our customers are satisfied remain long term customers. We have had customers use our services for their bachelor parties, their weddings,the birth of their child, their birthday and holiday parties. This is all the same customer!  And it has happened on more than one occasion.!  We do appreciate the repeat customers we have, and we are proud to be able to offer affordable products.!  Want to save a little money on your order?!  Click here for hints on how to save money on your order. Please be green and recycle your Kustom Koozies box.
Just a little background, our company was started 13 years ago when we were looking to order insulated beverage coolers for our boat.  The minimum order was 200!!  We didn't need 200, we needed a dozen.  We called and emailed and visited print facilities to try and find a company that would do low quantities.  We had no luck at all finding a company that would do that.  We are not the types to give up, so we went on a search to figure out how we could do it ourselves economically.  It took us 2 years and we burnt/used 100's of blanks, but finally figured it out.  We ended up combining two processes that no-one else apparently had ever thought of.  Well, we were able to print in small quantities, so we started doing it in the spare bedroom of our house.  Our friends ordered, and liked us, then their friends ordered and liked us, pretty soon we were doing a good bit of business. It is so exciting.  Fast Forward to 13 years later, and we have a 5,000 square foot facility and we handle 100's of orders every week.  We feel so fortunate to be in this business.  Our customers are great fun, and we feel like we are a part of their event.  We have made great friends over the years, and been part of class reunions, weddings, birthday parties, and almost every other kind of trip/party/event you could think of.

Everyday our team happily works to get your products to you.  Our 13 years of experience are at your disposal.  We often make suggestions to our customers to improve our your product and make your KOOZIE ® Can Cooler perfect. (our most common suggestion?) Switch to white ink, white ink shows up very, very well.  We will of course, do any color you would like.  We are constantly working to improve our processes and our web site to make it easier for you and a more pleasant experience.  Ordering should be the easiest and most fun part of your experience.

Over the years we have been asked repeatedly to offer T-shirts. At the time we wanted to truly focus on Can Coolers, so we resisted the t-shirt opportunity. Well customers kept asking, and it only seems right to do what the customer wants. We know offer T-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, etc. You can order from anywhere in the US, and we will ship to you. They are great for family reunions, bachelorette parties, birthday parties or corporate branding. We offer a variety of sizes and colors to meet your needs. Thank you for your continued support and suggestions.

We often get asked what is the most popular style of can cooler. According to our sales in the last year, Neoprene makes up 55% of orders. Neoprene Can coolers are truly our favorite as they print well, and fit cans and bottles well due to their stretchable material. The second most popular style is the fabric can coolers, these are less expensive and meet the needs of folks who are just price conscious. The hard foam, stand up coolers are next on the list. These are the classic foam coolers that are great for display.

Keep in mind we are open in our Raleigh location, and if you are nearby and can do a local pickup. We also offer T-shirts which have become extremely popular with our customers. It is nice to plan an event and get can coolers and t-shirts from the same vendor.

Our personalized design on line feature has been extremely popular, allowing customers to create their own design, save it and have it printed.
Please enjoy products from Kustom Koozies!!