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Low minimum Kustom Koozies, Wedding Beer Coozies or Huggers

Low Minimum Order Only 12 Kustom Koozies!
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Foam Koozy
[ click image to enlarge]
Foam KOOZIE Koozie
Can Holders
Foam Kuzzi

Long lasting
Collapsible Koozie
[ click image to enlarge]

Collapsible KOOZIEKoozie
Can Holders
Collapsible Koozies

Folds up, very portable
Slip On Bottle Koozie
[ click image to enlarge]
Slip-on KOOZIEKoozie
Bottle Coolers
bottle koozies

Slips on quickly!
Tall Collapsible Koozie
[ click image to enlarge]
Water Bottle KOOZIEKoozie
Bottle coolers
water bottle koozies

Comfy for your water

Welcome to Low Minumum Kustom Koozies!

Are you looking for Kustom Koozies? You can order as few as 12 or 13 or 25 or 100 or 1000. However many you would like.

Our Low Minimum is 1

At Kustom Koozies, we are proud that our low minimum is 1 piece. We started this company on the premise that you should be able to place an order of a small quantity of Kustom Koozies for a reasonable fee. Why order 210 KOOZIEKoozie can holders if you do not need them. Consequently, boat owners, weddings and small parties are what drive our company. Order your low minimum amount from Kustom Koozies with confidence.

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