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Kustom Koozies for your Birthday Party!!

The Only Place on the world wide web to purchase One Single Hugger - and our prices are the best.

(Huggers, Huggies, Beer Kustom Koozies, Collapsible Coolies, Insulated Can Coolers, Kosies, Foam Can Holders, Koolies or whatever you call them) 

Can Coolers are a GREAT Gift for Birthday PartiesBoaters, Cottage/Home Owners, Weddings, Family Reunions, Bachelor Parties . . . 

We offer Kustom Koozies, Coozies, Huggers, Can Holders, Beverage Holders, Koolies - whatever you call them.   

Many a Birthday Party has been completed with a fun set of beer huggers.  We love beer huggers.  They are a great way to keep your drink cool.  Keep in mind they also keep your hands warm in winter while your beverage stays cool.  This is the only product we make and sell, so we are good at it..  We don't do key chains, tea cups, ash trays, mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, pens, pencils, notepads, magnets or aprons.  We're not Wal-mart, we don't do cheap and we don't have a fancy shopping cart, we just do Kustom Koozies.  Or beer huggers as we call them in the South.  So, we welcome you to come join us. 

We certainly appreciate everyone who has used our services.  Larger orders can use artwork you provide.  These are done with screenprinting.  Artwork should work well for screenprinting.  Your local Kinko's, a graphic artist, or your local copy shop can help provide artwork if needed.  Boaters, Wedding Parties and small businesses seem to order 100 or more.  Feel free to email artwork for us to look at to determine if it will work for doing your Kustom Koozies.  Check out our stories page to see what others say about us.  We have such fun customers.  Hopefully, you will be one of our stories in the future.  Let Kustom Koozies help your birthday party be the best with KOOZIE can coolie favors.  See our samples page for ideas.

Beer Hugger samples  are available online for you to use.  Just put your own name, dates and information in the notes section of your order form.  We will adjust it to your needs.  We will also send you an email of your proof.  (Be sure you give us an email you use and check often, so our correspondence will be seen in a timely manner..)

Please check our FAQ page for (Frequently Asked Questions) that others may have already asked and we have answered.  We have done this for a number of years, so we have been able to answer many questions.

Our goal is to make a great event for you.  This product is great for birthday parties.  Your friends will have and hold them for years to come.

Come place your order directly online at our secure site.  

When you get comfortable with us
Order Birthday Kustom Koozies online right here.



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