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Insulators printed YTD: 87,962
Lifetime insulators printed 11,199,149
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How to buy Kustom Koozies cheap

Nobody wants to pay too much money for anything.

We at Kustom Koozies feel that getting top value for your purchase is the most important consideration in making a KOOZIE® can cooler purchase. We have made a list of factors that will help you save money in buying your Kustom Koozies.

1. Like us on Facebook, we offer $10.00 off, for liking us on Facebook.

2. Let us print our url. www.kustomkoozies.com down the side. We will give you 5 cents off each for this. See here.

3. Find a company that has been around for awhile. There are a lot of companies that pop up for a year or so and then fade off into oblivion. They just don't have the experience to offer you the best deals. Ask them how long they have been in business.

4. Check the price points. Sometimes purchasing a few more, will save you money if there is a discount there. 3.See if you can provide the art in a format that can be used without incurring art fees. A good firm will take your art and make it so it will print well, but they will charge you for that valuable time and service.

5. Order early! Don't wait to the last minute and pay rush fees. They can add up. However, if you need your koozies, it is good to know that you can get them even with a rush.

6. Try to find a company that only does one thing well. There are a number of "catch all" companies that will offer you every kind of promotional product. But they probably will not specialize in drink insulators.

8. Purchase enough KOOZIE® can coolers. The incremental cost of 5 more koozie can coolers on your original order is fairly small. Howerver, to go back and order 5 more Kustom Koozies is quite a bit more expensive.

9. Find a company that will sell to you in the increments that you need. No need to buy in dozens if you only need 30. Or no need to purchase 200 if you only need 145. Shopping for the cheapest product usually does not work out.

A company has three components in their company plan. Quality, Service and Price. If you lower Price, you will give up either Quality or Service. We at Kustom Koozies feel we offer the best combination price, great quality, and superior service.

Kustom Koozies
3125 Gresham Lake Road, Suite 105  Raleigh, NC  27615
919-977-5350  fx:  919-827-8761
Email:  Nancy@kustomkoozies.com

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